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In-Person Course / Seminar2018 Commercial Lending School02/15/2018$1500
In-Person Course / Seminar2018 Fundamentals of Commercial Lending School03/07/2018$950
Recorded Webinars2018 HMDA Bank and Reportable Transaction Coverage RequirementsN/A$345
Live WebinarA Business Development Officers Guide to Selling Non-Traditional Financial Products01/24/2018$265
Self-Paced OnlineESCLABA Certificate in Business and Commercial LendingN/A$600
Self-Paced OnlineABA Residential Mortgage Lending CertificateN/A$775
Self-Paced OnlineABA Small Business Banker CertificateN/A$595
Independent Study6920ISABA- Analyzing Financial StatementsN/A$575
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Analyzing Financial Statements 2/12/1802/12/2018$550
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Analyzing Financial Statements 7/30/1807/30/2018$550
Independent Study6350ABA- Commercial LendingN/A$575
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Commercial Lending 2/5/1802/05/2018$550
Independent Study7008ISABA- Consumer LendingN/A$575
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Consumer Lending 1/8/1801/08/2018$500
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Consumer Lending 4/9/1804/09/2018$500
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Consumer Lending 7/9/1807/09/2018$500
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending 12/11/17N/A$300
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending 4/9/1804/09/2018$300
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Introduction to Agricultural Lending 2/26/1802/26/2018$475
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Introduction to Agricultural Lending 7/16/1807/16/2018$475
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Managing Funding, Liquidity and Capital 1/29/1801/29/2018$875
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- Managing Funding, Liquidity and Capital 6/11/1806/11/2018$875
Instructor-Led OnlineABA- The Mortgage Lending Business 2/20/1802/20/2018$300
Recorded WebinarsAccounts Receivable and Inventory FinancingN/A$345
Recorded WebinarsAdvanced Cash Flow AnalysisN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsAdvanced Commercial Loan DocumentationN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsAdvanced Financial Statement AnalysisN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsAdvanced Lending Techniques Through Loan HedgingN/A$345
Recorded WebinarsAdvanced Tax Return Analysis for the BankerN/A$345
Recorded WebinarsAnalyzing Appraisals for Mortgage DecisionsN/A$345
Self-Paced OnlineESCL2Analyzing Business Financial Statements and Tax ReturnsN/A$150
Self-Paced OnlineLDP5Analyzing Cash Flow Statements to Measure Long-Term Repayment AbilityN/A$150
Self-Paced OnlineESCL3Analyzing Personal Financial Statements and Tax ReturnsN/A$150
Recorded WebinarsAnalyzing Tax Returns for Mortgage DecisionsN/A$345
Self-Paced OnlineLDP3Analyzing the Company’s Financial Performance and Financial ConditionN/A$200
Self-Paced OnlineAppraisal ProceduresN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsBasic Bankruptcy for BankersN/A$345
Live WebinarBasic Business Entities & Other Commercial Borrowers01/31/2018$265
Recorded WebinarsBasic Business Entities & Other Commercial BorrowersN/A$345
Recorded WebinarsBasic Cash Flow AnalysisN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsBasic Personal and Business Tax Return AnalysisN/A$345
Recorded WebinarsBasic UnderwritingN/A$345
Self-Paced OnlineBasics of Mortgage ProcessingN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsBasics of Real Estate Loan DocumentationN/A$295
Live WebinarBe #1 in Your Local Mortgage Market03/16/2018$275
Recorded WebinarsBlow Out Loan GrowthN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsCall Report – Lending Schedules for BanksN/A$295
In-Person Course / SeminarCash Flow as an Analytical Tool02/15/2018$325
Live WebinarCash Management: How Sales, Operations, and Technology Can Work Together to Generate More Fee Income01/10/2018$265
Live WebinarCECL Methodology: The New Accounting Standard01/03/2018$265
Recorded WebinarsCFPB Amendments Related to Servicing Borrowers in BankruptcyN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsCFPB Amendments Related to Successors in InterestN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsCFPB Amendments Related to the Loss Mitigation RulesN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsCommercial Construction LendingN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsCommercial Loan Agreements and CovenantsN/A$295
Live WebinarCommercial Real Estate (CRE) Lending in Today’s Economy12/20/2017$265
Recorded WebinarsCommercial Real Estate Lending SeriesN/A$535
Live WebinarCommercial Real Estate Lending: Cash Flow Analysis & Cap RatesN/A$265
Recorded WebinarsCommercial Real Estate Lending: Cash Flow Analysis & Cap RatesN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsCommercial Real Estate Lending: Property Types, Lease Structures and Other Non-Financial RisksN/A$295
Self-Paced OnlineABACompleting the HUD-1N/A$95
Recorded WebinarsCompliance Rules for Commercial Loans Secured by Real EstateN/A$295
Self-Paced OnlineCRELD6Construction LendingN/A$175
Self-Paced OnlineConstruction LendingN/A$175
Self-Paced OnlineABA 7016Consumer Credit ProductsN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsContingent Liabilities: Three Lines of DefenseN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsCRA – Review and UpdateN/A$295
Live WebinarCRE Appraisals: Appraisal Components, Approaches to Value and Cap Rates01/17/2018$265
Recorded WebinarsCRE Appraisals: Appraisal Components, Approaches to Value and Cap RatesN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsCRE Appraisals: Regulations and the Review ProcessN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsCRE Appraisals: Two-Part SeriesN/A$535
In-Person Course / SeminarCreating Loan Demand01/31/2018$325
Self-Paced OnlineABA 6652Credit Products for Small BusinessesN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsCU Webinar: 10 Key Criteria Loan Officers Should Focus OnN/A$245
Recorded WebinarsCU Webinar: Advanced Underwriting for Consumer LoansN/A$215
Recorded WebinarsCurrent Expected Credit Losses (CECL): How to Calculate and Maintain a Proper AllowanceN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsDealing with Appraisals: Regulations and RequirementsN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsDebt Collection Review & UpdateN/A$295
Self-Paced OnlineABA 4289Deposit Products and Services for Small BusinessesN/A$95
Self-Paced OnlineDiscovering FHA ProgramsN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsEffective Loan Review in a Stable Credit EnvironmentN/A$265
Self-Paced OnlineElements of Title InsuranceN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsEquipment Lease FinancingN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsEscrow Account ComplianceN/A$295
Live WebinarEscrowsN/A$265
Self-Paced OnlineEssentials of Mortgage LendingN/A$95
Self-Paced OnlineExplaining Loan ModificationsN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsFair Lending Review and UpdateN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsFinancial Forecasting to Determine Repayment Capability on Long Term LoansN/A$295
Self-Paced OnlineCRELD3Financing Different Types of Commercial PropertiesN/A$125
Self-Paced OnlineABA 7018Fundamentals of Consumer LendingN/A$95
Self-Paced OnlineABA 4282Fundamentals of Small Business BankingN/A$95
Self-Paced OnlineGathering the Facts on Mortgage FraudN/A$95
Recorded WebinarsGet Global: Understanding Global Cash Flow AnalysisN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsGetting Ready for CECLN/A$295
Recorded WebinarsHandling Loan Applications - What Can Go Wrong?N/A$295
Live WebinarHandling Loan Applications – What can go wrong?01/18/2018$265
Self-Paced Online0515Handling Mortgage Inquiries and Making Referrals​N/A$95
Recorded WebinarsHMDA Data Collection & Reporting Requirements for 2018N/A$295
Recorded WebinarsHome Equity Lines of CreditN/A$295