Same Day ACH: Round Two

Recorded Wednesday, August 16, 2017 $345 for CD Rom/Handouts

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm CT

Recommended for 2.5 CE Credits

Program Content:

We’ve implemented Same Day ACH Credits and the time for Debits is coming fast. Let’s review the Rule, volume and who’s currently using Same Day. We will talk about what types of Debits might be a good fit for Same Day and the impact to Receivers. And of course we will discuss finality. It can’t be a Same Day payment if the RDFI doesn’t provide same day credit or debit. We’ll also provide an update on the Faster Payments Taskforce.

Join us to discuss how this round two will affect your financial institution.

Covered Topics:

  • Review the key components of the final Rule
  • Discuss uses for same day ACH
  • Discuss RDFI implementation issues and requirements
    • Funds availability
    • Settlement issues
  • Discuss ODFI implementation issues and opportunities
    • Identifying Same Day files
    • Agreement updates

Who Should Attend:

Compliance, audit, operations, risk management, cash management and senior management.


Mary Kate Cole, AAP, CAE, principal of MK Cole Consulting, has nearly two decades of bank operations experience. Kate is an experienced ACH Auditor as well as speaker on payments related topics. She was VP of the Upper Midwest ACH Association for over 15 years.  At that time, she was responsible for member education, ACH Audits and problem solving as well as ACH Development projects. Kate has been active in several National ACH Association Rules Work Groups over her career. She is a popular speaker at both local and national conferences on electronic payments related topics.

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