Do’s and Don’ts on Signatures Cards

Recorded Thursday, August 17, 2017 $345 for CD Rom/Handouts

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm CT

Recommended for 2.5 CE Credits

Program Content:

Sometimes the simplest error or typo can create legal ownership, insurance and access issues for your accountholder. If you do not sign the signature card on a joint account, it is not insured by the FDIC. Or if you add notes to the cards or add signers after the fact, many times you can create liability for your financial institutions. When you open accounts, you are tempted to accommodate accountholder wishes and needs in ways that create liability for your financial institution. These do’s and don’ts may save your financial institution thousands of dollars in the future. These 10 fundamental rules will keep your officers and your account representatives from creating liability and future losses on the deposit side of your organization.

Covered Topics:

  • When small favors for customers can cost the financial institution big liability
  • Why you cannot give money to someone who has not signed the signature card
  • Why checks have to match accounts
  • When do you have to retype the signature card and when can it go with small changes
  • When does it matter which disclosures you give on new accounts?
  • Typos, whiteout, initialing and other issues that can cost the financial institution big time
  • The impact of lack of signatures on your contracts and how that affects insurance
  • When failure to read the contract and follow it can be significant – closing accounts, rights of offset, and other issues in the contract
  • How to set up signers, power of attorney’s and other important fiduciary relationships so you won’t confuse ownership
  • Common errors on ownership types and how that can create big problems on deceased accounts
  • Account stylings and taxpayer identification numbers – at $50 per error, how many can you afford?

Who Should Attend:

New Account Representatives, Personal Bankers, Branch Managers, Branch Operations, Training and Customer Service Representatives

“Deborah Crawford did an excellent job on her presentation on Signature Card Danger Zones. I learned a lot from her presentation, as well as from her answering a lot of questions submitted from participants. It was nice that she took the extra time to address every question submitted. I would recommend this webinar to any financial institution.” – Christina D., St. Johns Bank


Deborah Crawford is the President of Gettechnical Inc., a Virginia based training company. She specializes in the deposit side of the financial institution and is an instructor on IRAs, BSA, Deposit Regulations and opening account procedures. She was formerly with Hibernia National Bank (now Capital One) and has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Louisiana State University. She has 27 years of combined teaching and banking experience.

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