CU Webinar: Advanced Collection Techniques That Reduce Delinquency & Loss

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

10:00 am – 11:30 am CT

The recent recession affected and continues to affect all consumers and many consumers’ ability to repay their debt obligations continue to be impaired. Just about every borrower had some difficulty in keeping their payments current and many borrowers have simply gave up. We are still seeing the impact of that recession today and there appears to be the possibility that another recession may occur again.

These conditions had a dramatic impact on financial institutions’ delinquency, charge-offs and losses and all of this has put increased pressure on the collection of delinquent accounts. The abilities and expertise of collection departments was tested and many collection departments were not adequately up to the challenge that these conditions presented.

How can we proactively find ways to collect delinquent accounts, retain the loyalty of the borrowers and minimize losses? Join us for a discussion of advanced collection techniques that focus on tools and methodologies which will assist collection personnel to effectively identify how to reduce delinquency and losses and retain the loyalty of borrowers in perhaps the most difficult economic times we have ever experienced.

Covered Topics:

  • The two “Rules of Advanced Collections
  • Ten collection tips that will increase the effectiveness of collection efforts
  • Better techniques for reaching out to the most difficult debtors when the standard collection techniques have failed
  • Improving collections communications: The key factor for resolving delinquency problems
  • Cost/benefit considerations for collecting the “really difficult” debtors
  • Methodologies for improving the efficiency of the collection effort to increase recoveries and lower collection costs
  • And more…

Who Should Attend?

CEO’s, Lending Management, Supervisory Committee Members, Members of Boards of Directors, Collection Management and Collection Personnel will benefit from attending this webinar.

Speaker: Bruce Hull has more than 30 years’ lending experience. His knowledge and ability to communicate have made him a sought-after speaker in the areas of lending, collections, and sales. Bruce has served in several capacities, including: COO for a $1.5 Billion credit union, the VP of lending for two large credit unions; the director of collections; a lender in two banks and a savings and loan; a lending professional with one of the nation’s top credit union audit firms; and an expert witness in loan fraud and bond claim cases.

Bruce has been a frequent presenter at conferences around the country for over 20 years. He attended the University of Nevada in Reno and earned a Retail Banking Diploma from the American Institute of Banking.

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