Accounting II

Course Length: 6 Mos.

Program Description:

Accounting II builds on the foundation acquired in Accounting I, with advanced concepts and techniques. Accounting II delves into policy analysis and management, with emphasis on detailed accounting functions and

After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Contrast the advantages/disadvantages of the corporate forms of business
  • Summarize various features of bonds and how they differ from shares of stocks and the journal entries required to account for them on the financial statements
  • Describe uses/limitations of consolidated financial statements
  • Explain how comparative financial statements may be used to analyze and appraise the financial position of a firm and the results of its operations
  • Discuss the concept of a standard cost analysis system, specifically addressing how standards are set and the advantages achieved through their use
  • Define capital budgeting and the effects of poor budgeting decisions.


Commercial loan officers, credit analysts and trainees who have a basic knowledge of accounting principles and practices, and a familiarity with the commercial lending process.

Credits: 3.0 CFT

Prerequisites: Financial Accounting

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