Organizational Behavior

Program Description:
This course studies the scholarly foundations upon which the science of organizational behavior is built. Students will learn how to transform business challenges into personal opportunities and organizational advantages. This course builds upon a powerful theme of change to clearly demonstrate how change not only affects attitudes and behaviors within an organization, but also offers new opportunities and experiences for those who can learn how to profit from its potential. This course addresses timeless organizational behavior topics, such as motivation, leadership, teamwork and communication, as well as some of the emerging issues shaping the field of organizational behavior today. Supporting themes focus on the challenges and opportunities within globalization, diversity, and ethics today. Students learn not only the concepts and theories that help enhance the management of human behavior at work, but also learn how to practice these skills.

Supervisors and upper level management looking for insight on how to better manage their organization.

Course Length: Up to 4 months

Credits: 3 CFT

Prerequisites: None

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