How To Create and Maintain A Sales Culture

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September 19-20, 2017

Cambria hotel & suites

5045 Eastpark Blvd.

Madison, WI 53718

8:30am – 4:30pm each day

$595 per person – Enroll before 6/1/17 and a second attendee is free!

This Seminar Answers Tough Questions

  • What essential components of a bank’s sales structure must be in place in order to establish an effective long-term sales environment within the bank?
  • What core topics must be included in the sales training of all bank personnel?
  • What core sales skills must be in place for any sales person (i.e., all employees)?
  • We have some employees who have very negative perceptions of sales and salespeople. How can we change those negative attitudes towards sales?
  • What are the three core concepts regarding the use of incentives in the bank environment?
  • How do we motivate all employees to be involved in sales to the best of their abilities?


If, in your bank, you are attempting to set up a sales environment for the first time or to restructure one that is not functioning to your expectations, the following should attend: The CEO and one or more management personnel

If you are satisfied with the structure of your sales environment, but want to improve: employee attitudes toward sales, employee sales skills, employee teamwork, sales training techniques, and others as identified in the brochure, the following should attend: Any employee that will benefit from the topics covered (including the CEO).

Key Program Topics


Participants Learn:

  • How to structure an ongoing sales culture within your bank
  • The key components of a bank sales environment
  • What’s First? What are the components and what is their priority?


Participants Learn How To Develop:

  • Positive employee attitudes toward selling and service
  • Positive employee attitudes toward management’s selling initiatives
  • Increased personal satisfaction derived from offering better and more professional service to their customers
  • A positive change in overall employee morale
  • Increased confidence in their abilities


Participants Learn:

  • How to identify and be receptive to customer needs
  • How to create links from customers’ needs to bank products and services
  • How to develop top priority sales skills


Participants Learn:

  • The importance of teamwork to the sales environment
  • How to assess the bank’s teamwork
  • How to develop teamwork within a “departmentalized bank”


Bob Erickson, President of Bank Training, Waukon, Iowa, offers a complementary background in banking, sales, public accounting, insurance, and bank training and consulting. His experience includes more than 14 years as a banker and over 27 years as a banking consultant and principal of Bank Training. A seasoned seminar and convention presenter, he specializes in designing and maintaining customized bank selling environments. Bank Training is the select training and consulting company utilized by numerous state banking associations and banks nationwide.

Download the full program flyer, including daily agenda and topic descriptions here.

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